How to create an Order and Order item in Drupal commerce for Drupal 8

Posted by admin on Wed, 01/17/2018 - 10:20

Code snippet to create an Order and Order Items in Drupal Commerce for Drupal 8.

$order_item = \Drupal\commerce_order\Entity\OrderItem::create([
  'type' => 'product_variation', // The default order item type is 'product_variation' which references the product variation purchasable entity type.
  'purchased_entity' => $variation, // The product variation we created above.
  'quantity' => 2,
  'unit_price' => $variation->getPrice(),
// You can set the quantity with setQuantity.
// You can also set the price with setUnitPrice.
$unit_price = new  \Drupal\commerce_price\Price('9.99', 'USD');
// Next we create the billing profile.
$profile = \Drupal\profile\Entity\Profile::create([
  'type' => 'customer',
  'uid' => 1, // The user id that the billing profile belongs to.
// Next, we create the order.
$order = \Drupal\commerce_order\Entity\Order::create([
  'type' => 'default', // The default order type is 'default'.
  'state' => 'draft', // The states for the default order type are draft, completed, canceled
  'mail' => '', // The email address for the order.
  'uid' => 1, // The user id the order belongs to.
  'ip_address' => '', // The ip address the user ordered from.
  'order_number' => '6', // Sets the order number. If left out, will use the order's entity ID.
  'billing_profile' => $profile, // The profile we just created.
  'store_id' => $store->id(), // The store we created above.
  'order_items' => [$order_item], // The order item we just created.
  'placed' => time(), // The time the order was placed.
// You can also add order items to an order.

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