How to create product and product variations in Drupal 8 for Drupal Commerce

Posted by admin on Wed, 01/17/2018 - 10:18

Code snippets for creating Drupal 8 products and product variations for Drupal Commerce.

Create a product variation first:

// The price of the variation.
$price = new \Drupal\commerce_price\Price('24.99', 'USD');
$variation = \Drupal\commerce_product\Entity\ProductVariation::create([
  'type' => 'default', // The default variation type is 'default'.
  'sku' => 'test-product-01', // The variation sku.
  'status' => 1, // The product status. 0 for disabled, 1 for enabled.
  'price' => $price,

First load your store. If you haven't that - create it!

$store = \Drupal\commerce_store\Entity\Store::load(1);

Create a product attached to that store with that variation created above:

$product = \Drupal\commerce_product\Entity\Product::create([
  'uid' => 1, // The user id that created the product
  'type' => 'default', // Just like variation, the default product type is 'default'
  'title' => 'My product',
  'stores' => [$store], // The store we loaded above
  'variations' => [$variation], // The variation we created above

You can also add a variation to a product using the addVariation() method.


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