How use SSH with PHP (using private and public SSH keys)

Posted by admin on Thu, 09/26/2019 - 06:48

Here is a pretty way to use SSH with PHP.
Please note that this method required to install libssh2 for PHP on the server.

$host = "";
$port = 22;
$conn = ssh2_connect($host);
$public_key_realpath = '/.ssh/';
$private_key_realpath = '/.ssh/yourkey';
$username = 'ssh-username';
$key_password = '123456';
if ($conn) {

By the way, if you want to connect with username and password only (and your server allows this) - use this:

ssh2_auth_password($conn, 'username', 'password'); // use this instead of  ssh2_auth_pubkey_file

To send the file, like you doing that with SCP:

// send a file
ssh2_scp_send($conn, '/local/filename', '/remote/filename', 0755);
// fetch file
ssh2_scp_recv($conn, '/remote/filename', '/local/filename');

Other jobs with folders and files looks like this (using SFTP wrapper):

$sftp = ssh2_sftp($conn);
// Create a new folder
ssh2_sftp_mkdir($sftp, '/home/username/newdir');
// Rename the folder
ssh2_sftp_rename($sftp, '/home/username/newdir', '/home/username/newnamedir');
// Remove the new folder
ssh2_sftp_rmdir($sftp, '/home/username/newnamedir');
// Create a symbolic link
ssh2_sftp_symlink($sftp, '/home/username/myfile', '/var/www/myfile');
// Remove a file
ssh2_sftp_unlink($sftp, '/home/username/myfile');

To execute custom SSH command you just do like this:

$stream = ssh2_exec($conn, 'sudo apt-get install nano');

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